Hartselle Camp Meeting
Monday, March 30, 2020
121 Years and Counting!

From the President


Why should you visit the Hartselle Camp Meeting?
One of the best-kept secrets in North Alabama is found right here in Hartselle, Alabama. Among the towering oaks and rolling hills sits the old Tabernacle - an open-air worship pavilion that has stood for the past 121 years!
The Hartselle Camp Meeting includes 11 acres of beautiful landscape, rustic cabins, a modern, air-conditioned Dining Hall, and the original Tabernacle - which was completely renovated in 2018. In 2008, we began using the Puckett Youth Dormitory which is able to provide overnight lodging for up to 100 students, and includes a meeting space for 150 people.
The new Caretaker's Cottage is the most recent building on the campgrounds, having been completed in 2016. It houses Tom & Leann Sparks, our Camp Caretakers. Along with their two sons, this amazing couple resides permanently on the grounds of the Hartselle Camp Meeting!
The 121st encampment will once again take place a little earlier in the month of June. The dates are Sunday-Friday, June 14-19, 2020. This is the week before Father's Day, and should allow for another year of strong attendance! There will be programming for Youth and College students throughout the day. Two daily Worship Services (10:30 AM and 7:00 PM) are open to the public, and are always the focal points of the Camp Meeting experience!
Evangelist Junior Hill, one of Hartselle's most beloved citizens, will serve as a Guest Speaker in the opening service of the Camp (Sunday night, June 14, at 7:00). This will be the 14th consecutive year for Junior to speak at the Hartselle Camp Meeting! He has authored several books, and preached in camps, crusades, pastor's conferences, and revival meetings in thousands of churches all across the United States. 
Our Camp Evangelists for 2020 will be enlisted in the near future, along with our entire Camp Program! Once again, Ron & Ellen Bean will return as our Music Leader & Platform Musician. I will provide programming for Youth & College students, and our Dorm Counselors will again be Hudson Cain and Anna Gills. Overnight lodging for students will be available for the entire Camp Meeting (see "Youth & College" tab to the left).
Make plans to join us for each service in the upcoming year - both morning and evening - to hear good preaching from God's Word. There are so many reasons for you to come and visit the Hartselle Camp Meeting!
Don't forget - The historic Tabernacle went through a complete renovation back in 2018 (click the "Improvements" Tab to the left for photos, and more details).
Please pray for God to use the Hartselle Camp Meeting in a powerful way. I hope you will join us this year!  

In Christ,

Rob Cain

President, Hartselle Camp Meeting Association