Hartselle Camp Meeting
Tuesday, June 18, 2024
125 Years and Counting!

Rental of Facilities

Facility Rental Policy
Hartselle Camp Meeting
Revised September 16, 2019

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In planning for your event, please contact:

Leeann Sparks, Reservations Director - Hartselle Camp Meeting Association                   
  • 256.654.1372 (Cell)
Tom Sparks, Camp Caretaker - Hartselle Camp Meeting Association
  •  256.654.1373 (Cell)

B. The following Guidelines MUST be followed in order to reserve or use the facilities located at the Hartselle Camp Meeting:
1. No activity shall be allowed that contradicts the overall vision of the Hartselle Camp Meeting Association, or that breaks the laws or ordinances of the City of Hartselle, or the state of Alabama.
2. The Hartselle Camp Meeting, under the supervision of a Board of Directors, has the right to prohibit or remove any group or individual from participating in any activity on the Camp Meeting grounds that do not abide by this policy.
3. There shall be no alcohol or non-prescription drug usage on the grounds of the Hartselle Camp Meeting.
4. No weapons, firearms, fireworks, or open flames of any kind are allowed in the Camp Meeting. Exception: Open flame for the sole purpose of cooking is allowed only in a designated area just south of the Dining Hall.
5. The Hartselle Camp Meeting is a smoke-free environment, and the use of lighted tobacco is strictly prohibited.
6. Required deposits or registration forms (as needed) must be received prior to the use of any portion of the facilities.
7. Recognition that this is a Christian camp is necessary for all potential renters.
8. Curfews established by the Board of Directors must be followed by all who use the facilities.
9. The grounds must be left in clean, undamaged order following each usage. Additional fees may be applied, or deposits not refunded if property is damaged or left in disarray.
10. Additional fees than those written herein may be applied as the need arises.
11. The Board of Directors of the Hartselle Camp Meeting maintains the right to amend or change these guidelines as they deem appropriate.
12. A complete guideline for how to clean and leave the Camp Meeting grounds will be made available with your reservation.
Rental Charges for Specific Areas NOT During the Hartselle Camp Meeting:
$1,500.00---------------------------Wedding Package (Access to Tabernacle, Dormitory, & Dining Hall for 2 days - NO overnight lodging)
$250.00----------------------------- Dining Hall OR Puckett Meeting Room OR Tabernacle (Per Day or Night Rental)
$350.00----------------------------- Puckett Youth Dorm 
(Per overnight stay, groups of 35 & under - OR $10 per person, whichever is GREATER)
$25.00--------------------------------Daily Recreation Vehicle Hook-Up (Full Service - 4 Locations)
Rental Charges for Specific Areas DURING the Hartselle Camp Meeting:
$175.00--------------------Youth & College Weekly Rate
(Meals & Lodging)
$35.00---------------------Youth & College Daily Rate
(Meals & Lodging)
$14.00-----------------------Children’s Daily Meal Rate
($4.00-Breakfast; $5.00-Lunch; $5-Dinner)
$35.00----------------------Daily Cabin Rental
(Not including Meals)
$20.00----------------------Youth / Adult Daily Meal Rate
($6.00-Breakfast; $7.00-Lunch; $7.00-Dinner)
$25.00----------------------Daily Recreation Vehicle (R.V.) Space
(Full Hook-Up)
Various Deposits:
$35.00---------------------Youth & College Registration Fee – Hartselle Camp Meeting
$100.00--------------------- Wedding Package / Dining Hall / Tabernacle / Dormitory Usage
(Non-Refundable Damage Deposit - Applicable to Balance)

A view of the open-air Tabernacle.