Hartselle Camp Meeting
Tuesday, June 18, 2024
125 Years and Counting!

Daily Schedule for Camp

Hartselle Camp Meeting Schedule:
(Sun-Fri, June 25-30, 2023)

8:00 AM   Breakfast (Waits Dining Hall)

8:45 AM   Student Morning Watch (Tabernacle)

9:00 AM   Free Time 

10:30 AM   Morning Worship Service (Tabernacle)

12:00 PM   Lunch (Waits Dining Hall)

1:00 PM   Recreation & Free Time

5:30 PM   Supper (Waits Dining Hall)

6:15 PM   Student Free Time (Puckett Dorm)

7:00 PM   Evening Worship Service (Tabernacle)

8:30 PM   Canteen (Puckett Dorm) 

9:30 PM   Student Devotion / Free Time (Puckett Dorm)

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