Hartselle Camp Meeting
Tuesday, February 20, 2018
119 Years and Counting!


Our Camp Is Growing!

In recent years, the Hartselle Camp Meeting has undergone a major "facelift". In 2016, the newest building on campus was completed. The Caretaker's Cottage is now up and running, enabling our full-time Camp Caretaker and his family to reside on the grounds! The Puckett Youth Dormitory was completed in time for Camp Meeting in 2008 - which can house up to 100 people, with a state-of-the-art Meeting Room for up to 150 people. In addition, several buildings on campus have been re-roofed, including the Main Tabernacle and Kid's World. In the future, developments will include Recreational areas, Nature Trails, restoration and remodeling all existing cabins, and much more!


Here is a great view of the brand-new Caretaker's Cottage. This structure was built in 2016, and is now occupied by our Camp Caretakers, Tom & Leeann Sparks!

New Caretaker's Cottage (Completed in 2016)

Tom & Leeann Sparks (Luke and Harrison)

Scenes from the Dedication Service for the new Caretaker's Cottage (December 11, 2016) -

The Waits Dining Hall (Completed in 2001)

The Dining Hall (In use)


Inside view of the Puckett Youth Dorm (Completed in 2008)

Outside View of Puckett Dorm (Front Porch)

Boy's Dorm Sleeping Area (Unfinished)

Boy's Dorm Sleeping Area (Finished)

Girl's Dorm Sleeping Area (Occupied at Camp)

NOTE: The Girl's side is a mirror-image of the Boy's side, with private showers, toilets, and a wall of sinks. The Dorm can sleep up to 100 at a time, and includes a modern Meeting Room that seats 150, a Canteen, and a Game Area. The entire building is heated and air conditioned, and available for churches & groups to rent!


The old Girl's Dormitory is the new home for Kid's World, offering meeting space for Children to accommodate Arts & Crafts, Music, Bible Stories, and Games! The renovation process was completed in 2010, and the facility is a blessing to all who use it!

In addition, improvements to the Main Tabernacle will include renovation of the Sound System and an upgrade to the video projection capabilities! If you are interested in restoring a Cabin (air conditioning, bathrooms/plumbing, wiring, and full insulation), then contact Hartselle Camp Meeting President Rob Cain at Rob4NoComp@aol.com.


Construction of the New Caretaker's Cottage:


Spot for the new Caretaker's Cottage (Youth Dorm to the right; Dining Hall to the left). 


Foundation work began in early 2016!

What a Great Base for the new Caretaker's Cottage!!!


The Mission Team from Covenant United Methodist in Kentucky did great work!

Click HERE to visit the Facebook page for Covenant UMC. Then click "videos", and "Hartselle Camp Meeting House" to see footage of the construction of the Caretaker's Cottage. Labor was graciously provided by members of Covenant United Methodist Church in LaGrange, Kentucky!


HERE to see more photos of the Hartselle Camp Meeting!